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Syet is a hilly Vatael ranch village.

Description Edit

Syet was founded by one of the 3 Vatael groups that migrated north into the highlands in the pre-history of Allfield. It has a population of about 4,000 people. The main village is in a valley filled with small Vatael-type huts. They have a meeting place called Talltree. The village is on the west side of the Amelo River, a tributary of the Melopa River. The overall country of Syet is made up of two other valley villages, Turn and Facren.

Ranchers occupy hill farms and shepherd flocks of Porfane, or Pories. Villagers help on farms, weave, catch fish with nets, or other minor jobs.

The country is located on the highlands above the Shobel Cliffs. Across the Amelo River to the east is the country of Shaan, and beyond that is the Callock.

To the west is the city of Senbash and the borders of the known world at the time of the events in The Girl in the Jar.

Syeti are known for being experts at handling animals humanely. This is largely due to their innate ability to harness the Zelbranic power of Quiet Command.

Syet is protected by the Fussit brothers.

Syet's main resources are animals. Porfane provide milk and fur, which can be spun into a roughly woven fabric called Foose.

Allfield Game Information Edit

Syet's card number is A105. It is a level 100.